Opinion | You Say We Want a Revolution?

To the Editor:Re “The Left Is Remaking Politics,” by Amna A. Akbar (Sunday Assessment, July 12):The folly and the purity of calls for of abolishing the police and prisons, and enacting the Inexperienced New Deal and “cancel hire,” are paying homage to the folly and the purity that exemplified the election of 2016.Too many on the left couldn’t see the menace from reactionaries and so couldn’t assist the flawed candidacy of Hillary Clinton. A tragic mistake that has led to quite a few right-wing coverage adjustments which have left working folks and minorities susceptible to the whims of the Trump nightmare.Classes discovered? Not by an extended shot. Actually, the present calls for of this phase of the left solely serve up softballs for the suitable wing to hit out of the park.The one hope is that these calls for will likely be seen by most progressives because the pie-in-the-sky calls for that they absolutely are. Calls for that solely intrude with the onerous work of reforming our establishments. Calls for that the protesters see as “paths to revolution,” which in actuality will result in 4 extra years of right-wing dominance.Jim SalczynskiDetroitTo the Editor:The issue is that these “revolutionaries” assume that the human situation is nice and that if the working class rises in energy, if police are eradicated as a result of communities “look after each other,” the world will likely be a greater place. As if crime will soften away as a result of everybody actually, actually cares for his fellow human beings.There isn’t a point out of the significance of training at the beginning, which after all must be truthful and equal. However revolution doesn’t change the human situation (sure, wealth is distributed extra pretty, for some time).Wealth inequality nonetheless exists in France; the “elites” nonetheless rule. Russia is in impact a dictatorship. Each went via the upheavals of a revolution.Nations that do share a better sense of humanity, just like the Netherlands and Denmark, nonetheless preserve a police pressure. Till there may be actual essential pondering on these issues, together with accepting that training begins at dwelling, there will be no social revolution.Ellen ShireNew YorkTo the Editor:As Watzlawick, Weakland and Fisch wrote of their traditional guide “Change,” a first-order change is a change in a system, however one which leaves the underlying construction of the system the identical.A second-order change is a change within the underlying construction of the system.Amna A. Akbar’s article poignantly and fantastically demonstrates the necessity for second-order change in our political, social and financial buildings (with their lengthy historical past of capitalism, colonialism and systemic racism) so as to transfer towards “a extra simply future.”Given local weather change and local weather injustice, I imagine that we want divergent pondering and second-order change to have any future in any respect.John TurtzLarchmont, N.Y.

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